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Read what some of our members have to say about how BNI has helped them grow their business.

“I first started attending BNI when I was invited as a guest in 2004. When I met the people there (there weren’t many then) and heard how knowledgeable they were, and saw the support they offered to each other, I knew I wanted to be part of this wonderful group of professionals. Today, I am proud to be part of the Westboro chapter surrounded by so many long-standing and dedicated business people.

“The structure of BNI enables us to be successful within each chapter. Being a BNI member has directly helped grow my business—it is the place to be.”

Caralyn Tierney, Owner
Caralyn’s Hair Solutions Centre

“As a member of the Westboro chapter, I can say that over 40 percent of my business currently comes from members and their referrals.

“The referrals I get are pre-qualified and the potential client is both educated about me and, usually, ready to do business.

“The relationships I have formed will last a lifetime and have opened doors that I would never have been able to open without a member introduction.”

Terry Lussier, Business Coach

“I was invited to my first BNI meeting in the fall of 2009. At that time, I wasn’t doing a lot of networking, in part because I didn’t really enjoy it but mainly because I never experienced much benefit from any of the other “traditional” networking events I’d attended in the past.

“All that changed when I joined BNI. If you don’t know how to network, they teach you. If you don’t know how to benefit from it, they show you how. If you want to see results, they track it.

“It’s focused, disciplined and structured, and it has helped me grow both personally and professionally. The contacts I’ve made have been invaluable.

“If you are committed to growing your business, committed to doing the hard work required to get to the next level, BNI Westboro can help you get there.”

Brenda Adams, writer, editor, marketing specialist
Adams & Company Communications Inc.

“I have participated in BNI since 1995 and been a member of BNI Westboro since 2005.

“This organization has been a significant factor in growing my law firm from a team of three to our present team of 12. It’s also been very beneficial to be able to refer my clients to other BNI professionals who are as committed to providing great service as AGB Lawyers is.

“BNI Westboro is a group of vibrant entrepreneurs and professionals who are passionate about building their businesses, and we are all serious about referrals! The Westboro chapter, in particular, is run like a business—a referral-generating business that works very well.

“Networking with other professionals, and referring business to other trusted BNI members, is an added service that has become very valuable to our firm.”

A. Gaetan Buttigieg, Managing Lawyer and Owner
AGB Lawyers

“I joined BNI because it was a great opportunity to grow my business while creating additional exposure for our company at very little cost.

“I especially like that only one member per business category can belong to our chapter. I also like the ‘power teams’ approach, where businesses that work in similar areas—such as business-to-business and home-related services—get together periodically to see how they can refer more business to each other. This makes networking even easier.

“BNI Westboro is not only large and well-established, it’s also a welcoming and friendly group. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, educate them about your business and explore how they might be able to help you grow.”

Tracy Foley, Personal/Commercial Account Broker
Palladium Insurance

“Over the last 10 years, BNI has been a big part of not only Xactly’s growth, but also my personal growth.

“The amount of quality referrals I get from BNI I could never get from an ad campaign. And, personally, I’ve learned so much about other businesses and have made so many friends and great contacts through BNI, and that has helped my personal growth, too.

“I would suggest BNI to anyone who wants to grow both personally and professionally.”

Denis Sabourin, Owner
Xactly Design & Advertising

“I learned about this opportunity from another lawyer in my office. I had never heard of BNI so I attended out of curiosity and quickly learned what a gem this organization is.

“Though it can be tough getting up for our early-morning meetings, I’ve been doing it for many years (since 1998) simply because it is so beneficial. The meetings are great—very business-like but also fun and very high energy.

“The many businesses represented there are wonderful resources for my clients, friends and family—and for myself. I have personally used the services of many fellow members and I feel confident referring them to others.

“If you are thinking of joining, do it! It will benefit both you and your business in so many ways. It’ll be the best business decision you could make.”

Jennifer Stiell
Real Estate Lawyer

“BNI Westboro has opened up doors for our company. Having a network of reliable business owners has helped us achieve great results. Any small to medium-sized business will benefit from our chapter. Feel free to visit us anytime!”

Pat McWeeny, Owner
PM Event Services

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