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Why Join BNI?

Get access to the opportunities you’ve been missing

BNI Westboro is a community of entrepreneurs working together to grow their businesses.

As a group, we exchange thousands of qualified referrals every year, referrals that generate a lot of revenue for our members (more than $1.2 million a year, on average). We also share opportunities, knowledge and experiences that would be much harder to obtain working alone.

As a BNI Westboro member, you’ll be able to

  • connect with a large community of local business owners who are motivated to refer sales opportunities to each other—and to you;
  • gain international exposure via the BNI network;
  • promote your business by standing up and giving a 30-second “infomercial” about your business every week;
  • learn more about marketing and about business in general by attending regional workshops, seminars and conferences;
  • improve your sales strategy using BNI tools and mentoring programs;
  • discover our library of helpful books on business and marketing;
  • raise your profile even further by having your company listed on our websites, giving you even wider Internet exposure; and
  • develop and practice your networking skills, which will build your confidence and improve your sales abilities.

Read what some of our members have to say about how BNI has helped them grow their business.

Don’t let new business pass you by

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“Over the last 10 years, BNI has been a big part of not only Xactly’s growth, but also my personal growth.

"The amount of quality referrals I get from BNI I could never get from an ad campaign. And, personally, I’ve learned so much about other businesses and have made so many friends and great contacts through BNI, and that has helped my personal growth, too.

"I would suggest BNI to anyone who wants to grow both personally and professionally.”

Denis Sabourin, Owner
Xactly Design & Advertising

“I learned about this opportunity from another lawyer in my office. I had never heard of BNI so I attended out of curiosity and quickly learned what a gem this organization is.

“Though it can be tough getting up for our early-morning meetings, I’ve been doing it for many years (since 1998) simply because it is so beneficial. The meetings are great—very business-like but also fun and very high energy.

“The many businesses represented there are wonderful resources for my clients, friends and family—and for myself. I have personally used the services of many fellow members and I feel confident referring them to others.

“If you are thinking of joining, do it! It will benefit both you and your business in so many ways. It’ll be the best business decision you could make.”

Jennifer Stiell
Real Estate Lawyer

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