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Every week at BNI Westboro, two members provide an extended presentation on their business so we can learn more about who they are, and what they do.

When you join BNI Westboro, you gain a team of more than 70 salespeople working for you. These presentations are one way we build relationships so that we can understand their business and therefore, be able to give them good, qualified referrals.

“BNI Westboro has opened up doors for our company. Having a network of reliable business owners has helped us achieve great results. Any small to medium-sized business will benefit from our chapter. Feel free to visit us anytime!”

Pat McWeeny, Owner
PM Event Services

“I joined BNI because it was a great opportunity to grow my business while creating additional exposure for our company at very little cost.

"I especially like that only one member per business category can belong to our chapter. I also like the ‘power teams’ approach, where businesses that work in similar areas—such as business-to-business and home-related services—get together periodically to see how they can refer more business to each other. This makes networking even easier.

"BNI Westboro is not only large and well-established, it’s also a welcoming and friendly group. It’s a great opportunity to meet new people, educate them about your business and explore how they might be able to help you grow.”

Tracy Foley, Personal/Commercial Account Broker
Palladium Insurance

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