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Restore and Care Plus

Matt Racz

Telephone: 613-897-3123



Matt Racz


Restore and Care Plus

We bring your carpets and tiles back to life

Serving commercial and residential customers, Restore and Care Plus specializes in the restorative cleaning and maintenance of carpets and tile floors.

Do your carpets still look dull and dirty even after vacuuming? Do your porcelain or ceramic tile floors need some sprucing up?

Even well-maintained and dirt-resistant carpets will begin to show signs of soiling eventually. And, discoloured grout can make tiles look old and in disrepair even when they are still in good shape.

Carpets act as the largest air filter in your home, trapping and hiding germs and tiny particles of dirt. To prolong the life of your carpet and maintain a healthy environment in your home, manufacturers recommend professional cleaning at least every two years, and more frequently in larger households or those with pets or young children.

When soiling is visible on the carpet, cleaning is overdue!

Our professionally trained and certified technicians use self-contained and fully portable equipment that does not require running long, cumbersome hoses through your home or office.

Outfitted with the most effective and environmentally friendly solutions possible, we get rid of the stains, soil and germs that can accumulate in carpets and grout. All we leave behind is a clean space for healthier living.

To book an appointment, or to find out more about the best way to clean and maintain your floors for a healthier home or office, give Restore and Care Plus a call at 613-897-3123 today!

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