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Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage Inc.

Fletcher Barry

Address: 381 Richmond Road
Ottawa, ON  K2A 0E7

Telephone: 613-563-5098




Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage Inc.

Mortgages made easy

Are you shopping for a mortgage and wondering where to go for the best rate? With Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage, you have more options. The reason is simple: We are licensed mortgage brokers and agents for more than 25 major lenders across Canada (possibly including your own bank!).

And, because we are independent of the lenders, we are unbiased. And we can shop around for the best residential, commercial and investment mortgages from a variety of sources. We’ll find you the best rates available among all the lenders. (Did you know there are often hidden discounted rates that your banker doesn’t want you to know about?)

Plus, if interest rates are lower when you take the mortgage, we’ll get you the best rate up to that day. We will also ensure you get the lowest mortgage rate available between the day you are approved and the day you take the mortgage. You can’t lose—and there’s no need to move your banking business.

Why get a mortgage through Ottawa-Carleton Mortgage?

It’s fast—If you qualify, you can expect approval—in writing—within hours of your application. And you don’t have to waste time calling and visiting all the lenders in hopes of finding the best rate. We do the work for you.

It’s easy—You don’t have to negotiate to get great rates; if you qualify, you’re approved. That’s it. No haggling. No hassles.

It puts you in control—You choose what you want—not what some banker is trying to sell you. As independent brokers and agents, we work for you, not the lenders. And we can arrange a mortgage for you anywhere in Canada.

It saves you money—Our free mortgage service means we quote you only the best rates. We’ll tell you about mortgage rates and products that you and your banker may not even know about.

It’s free—Best of all, there is no charge for our service—the lenders pay us.

Stop shopping. Start saving.

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