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Nourished Potential

Virginia Spencer RHN, NNCP





Nourished Potential

Nourish Your Potential

What's holding you back from that clean diet and healthy lifestyle habits? Knowledge, capacity for change, or willpower?

We are all a little different, but when most people are asked, a core value is health. Yet few of us actually action the habits needed to support it, like our life depends on it - and it does! Most have not even fully defined it. The missing piece? Most of us want it, but lack the skills and knowledge to do anything about it. That's where Nourished Potential comes in.

I have been a nutrition and lifestyle educator in for over a decade, and operated a brick and mortar practice in Ottawa for the past 3 years. One thing I have learned over the years is that even the most educated health enthusiast can falter:  We are all wired to eat, and save our energy - our environment has not kept up. I teach clients how to get past the many temptations in life, and provide clarity about nutrition and lifestyle, in an era of myths and misinformation.

Nourished Potential has graduated from a brick and mortar practice to an online entity with a secure telehealth portal, where I provide private consultations, personalized plans, coaching, group and private programs. I also teach classes and workshops. My practice focuses on diseases and conditions associated with inflammation, especially related to the brain (cognitive performance, dementia, neurodegeneration, brain injury and mood), chronic pain, diabetes and autoimmunity. I also have a fascination with maximizing health-span and longevity, with traditional and ancestral diets.

It is easy to get started. Go to my website and book a discovery visit today.

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