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Cold calling and knocking on doors is a tough way to generate business. By joining the supportive BNI community, you gain access to a large word-of-mouth network that can funnel new business directly to you.

Why not come to a meeting and learn more about the unique sales and marketing opportunity that is BNI? You’ve got nothing to lose, and a LOT to gain.

Feel free to use the form below if you would like more information, or to register for a free networking breakfast meeting* on us. It could well be the best business decision you’ve ever made.

*After the first visit, there is a $15 meeting fee, payable at the door by cash or cheque.

“I was invited to my first BNI meeting in the fall of 2009. At that time, I wasn’t doing a lot of networking, in part because I didn’t really enjoy it but mainly because I never experienced much benefit from any of the other “traditional” networking events I’d attended in the past.

“All that changed when I joined BNI. If you don’t know how to network, they teach you. If you don’t know how to benefit from it, they show you how. If you want to see results, they track it.

“It’s focused, disciplined and structured, and it has helped me grow both personally and professionally. The contacts I’ve made have been invaluable.

“If you are committed to growing your business, committed to doing the hard work required to get to the next level, BNI Westboro can help you get there.”

Brenda Adams, writer, editor, marketing specialist
Adams & Company Communications Inc.

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